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Phu Kra Dueng 2013-2014

My first time in Phu Kra Dueng National Park is January 2013. The highlight of Phu Kra Dueng is the way walking up for 6 hours normally (1.2 km Altitude) It was winter with red maple leaves.

The second time I went there to surway the camp for CU Photo Club in the following October. It was summer with clear sky and no fog.

The third time I returned as a president of CU Photo Club and leader of the camp. Unfortunately, the storm attacked Phu Kra Dueng in the time we visited. but it made us, staff and members, know each other and had great memories there.

The fourth time I was invited by my teacher to retuned there one more time as a 60th times climbing up cerebration for my teacher. It was rainy season again but no storm (luckily)

This Album include all from first to fourth times of mine.

Photographer : Peeradon Ariyanukooltorn (YAMASTUDIO)

First and Second time : Canon EOS600D

Third time : Canon EOS6D

Fourth time : Nikon Df


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